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What Our Customers Are Saying

I love you Roy! I got my $2,300 check!!! I am like crazy happy!!! Yippiee!!! Ya'll sure know how put those cheap insurance adjustors in their place. You are so right when you say the insurance companies are told to initially low ball everybody on go. Like, Duh right! I went ahead and kept my car because my daddy said he can fix it for $1,000 so that leaves me with $1,300.00 in the bank. I am also going to keep sending everybody that has a total loss to you guys because I need the referral money. You guys are the greatest! Muchas Besos!!! MMMUUUAAAA!!!!!!!! ps.....I want to go for a ride in your Porsche! Sexy hot!!! LOL.

~ Jennifer, Humble, TX

This is my first experience with Houston Auto Expert Witness. I am pleasantly surprised and one very happy customer. Roy delivered everything he promised in a timely manner. He knows his business and told me realistically what I could expect. He was right on the mark and got me $2,000.00 more than what the insurance company reimbursed me the first time. It was traumatic enough to have your car stolen right from your driveway. The insurance company reimbursed us only 50% of what the car is actually worth. Initially fought my own battle with the insurance company without success. Hiring Houston Auto Expert Witness was one of the best decisions I have made and Roy made everything so easy. He was curteous, knowledgeable, responsive, accommodating, and put me at ease with everything that he was doing. He gave me exactly what he promised. I am very impressed and a very happy customer. Thank you very much Roy

~ James, The Woodlands, TX

I had trouble getting a loan from the bank because my credit was not so hot. The bank told me that I had to get an independent appraisal before they would lend me the $42,100 on a 2008 Mercedes Benz CLK 550 cabriolet. The credit manager told me he could not remember the phone number but told me to go the website called www.houstonautoappraisers.com and speak with a man named Roy. I called them and they came to the dealership within an hour and performed a certified pre-purchase inspection and appraisal. I had to wait because they told me the report would take time but I was anxious about driving my convetible. When they sent me the report I was so impressed! The report was very detailed and made my car look like it was some big deal. I guess it was because the bank approved my loan. I also needed to purchase an extended warranty because I don't have the money to fix my new car or the headaches and Roy told me that on the company's website is and extended auto warranties page with information for Warranty Direct. I was impressed because I thought the warranties were going to be expensive but they were affordable. I really like Houston Auto Expert Witness and will recommend them to anyone wanting a good pre-purchase inspection appraisal. I feel even smarter driving my new Mercedes Benz. Thanks a million guys!

~ Dr. Hameed, Spring, TX

We had to use Houston Auto Expert Witness on several Federal Bankruptcy & Business Dispute cases in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio. and Houston and found their Expert Witness and documentation to be exactly what we needed. Our relationship actually began by referral. My firm only use appraisers certified by the Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers & USPAP and depend on how fast, and reliable their appraisers are. They always come through for us at short notices and that is why I continue using them. We have used other appraisal services but found that Houston Auto Expert Witness are more resourceful at handling our needs. TWO THUMBS UP!!! Have a great day!

Gomez - Attorey-At-Law, Austin, TX

I can't believe it! State Farm finally totaled my vehicle and even reimbursed me for the Diminished Value report. I am so thankful for Houston Auto Expert Witness and all your expert help.

Because of your Diminished Value report that I got, State Farm totaled my 08 Chevrolet Truck. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to your company.

~ Daniel, Sugarland, TX

Thank you is just not enough!

My insurance company just called me and said they will send a check. No bickering or negotiations whatsoever. They accepted the full amount you suggested in your appraisal.

You guys are the best!!!

~ Marjorie, Pasadena, TX

Thank you for all of your help. I am ecstatic with my settlement of $10,300. I will call Houston Auto Expert Witness if I ever have problems with Progressive again. I will also tell all my friends about you. You guys ROCK!

~ Randy, Houston, TX

Amazing!!! Houston Auto Expert Witness more than doubled the offer from Farmers. I am happy beyond my wildest dreams.

I can pay off my old car note and get another car without being upside down with the financing.

My heartfelt gratitude,

~ Jonathan, Katy, TX

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